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What You Should Know About Plastic Crates


A crate is considered as a large container used for transporting or storing bulky items. Plastic crates are classified depending on the specific products they can store. They are usually made from polyethylene characterized by a very high density. The plastic crates have served the consumer market for at least 28 years from their invention. As the market continues to grow, these crates have gained a significant presence across the globe.


The international consumer market has shifted to the tremendous use of plastic crates in packaging. Agricultural and grocery industries have embraced this type of crate and primarily use it in a wide range. Today, many companies have embarked on the process of the supply chain of products. These companies are demanding a decrease in cost from suppliers due to the stiff competition in the market. With this effect, societies have opted for the use returnable and reusable packaging materials to reduce their cost. It has in turn improved efficiency of the services delivered through the utilization of the plastic crate, check it out!


 Many products for sale go bad days after being purchased. The fact that it is counted as waste has brought out the greatest advantage of using a plastic crate as it can be reused. In the fruit and vegetable market, millions of freshly produced products are transported around the world every day. The plastic crates serve three stages in this industry. They include field, distribution centers packaging and the retail store. For more ideas about crates, you may also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCF6MYp34DY.


The attractiveness of the plastic crate creates an appealing impression to the customers who in turn buy the products. These crates are cost effective since they save cost in the distribution and packaging of goods. Plastic crates can also be folded. Crates that are folded have a firm grip and can easily be moved using the hand.

Plastic crates are easy to clean with highly pressurized water. They ensure proper compatibility with automated machinery as compared to other type of crates. When temperatures change, a distributor should not get worried as crate cannot be easily worn out. Safety and sanitary consideration have led to the extensive use of the plastic crate in the food industry too.


In highly freezing continents, plastic crates are encouraged since they can easily withstand frozen conditions. This property eases packaging because products can be stored in freezers using the plastic crates. Recyclable plastic crates reduce disposal cost and global warming as trees are no longer used for wooden crates, see here!